Sketch is a touching artist with an energetic stage presence. With his smooth soul-jazz voice he crosses genres while making each song his own.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas as the son of two power house singing parents, it was not hard for Sketch to develop a deep understanding for great singing.

While being on world tours Sketch was introduced to legends like Chuck Berry, Bootsy Collins and Curtis Blow as well as other world wide names like Ludacris, Dru Hill, Das EFX, to name a few...
Sketch has learned his craft from watching the best entertainers. He was brought into the international music business by jazz musicians whom support some of the greatest performers of our time. Blues Genius Lucky Peterson has handed down the knowledge how to be a powerful performer to many in workshops around the world. "So being on tour with him was more like an education in musicallity and less like a job."

Sketch is captivating the crowd with his soulful and sexy personality, vocal tone and a high voltage energy. Also for many years he was performing and touring along side pop-stars like D.J. Tomekk, whom made himself famous with stars like Mario Winans, as well as becoming a major record label artist himself with Air Liquide and even having one of his songs with Noiseshaper - put on an American CIS LA-show episode and Hit show  Californiacation.

So enough talk - "Let's get this party started! I'll see you on the dance floor"

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